Monday, December 20, 2010

This Workshop Class is Fun!

A practical approach learning about the Eco-Friendly Fine Art experimentation, creativity, and thinking “outside of the box”; you are encouraged through a variety of exercises that introduce new artistic materials and techniques.

Simply, another way of developing yourself confidence, problem solving abilities, observational skills to grow and flourish, with the direction from the professional fine artist and business entrepreneur Nana-Dictta Graves

                                                    THINK GREEN

The everyday materials we see around us, ether discarded, demolished dare not to be
trash; it definitely has a purpose; you only have to look at it patiently to uncover new
discoveries within the Visual language.

What we buy and how we use things, impact the planet in many interrelated ways; we recognize and we are dedicated to being more environmentally conscious and responsible to help simplify the green up of our daily lives.
Glass, mable, tiles, fabric pieces broken windsheild,
used softner sheet, straw grass, broken basket tray,
rocks, news and brown papers and much more.
Sharp old magazines, calendars and
various tiny cut papers being used in
different ways with texture.
                            WORKING TO IMPROVE

Our earth environment with power of vision fostering creative Arts, incorporating sustainability into all of our core business operations and practice by reducing, reusing, recycling materials footprint to the element of beauty.

Title: ATUU
Medium:  Paper Micro-Mosaic
Size:  40” H X 32” W
Original Eco-Friendly Fine Art Mural
Nana-Dictta Graves, Prof Fine Artist
© Copyright 2003

                   Micro-Mosaic is my World

Hands-on training, Mastering the protocols of motivation, Healing and restoring our souls, Mentoring leadership through the Arts, Personal development, Business Education, Workforce Team Building communications, Artist Career, Camps and Retreats... 

It is once said in history to share the Dream, to be the Dream and to live the Dream;

                           Think of it as “Special Request”

Connect, Collaborate, Come together, experience and connected workshop;
designed to embrace all; from public art to private commissions, school projects, corporate leadership, non profit organizations, community outreach, children’s program; adults; seniors, individuals; small groups; private lessons.
                                        WOW  "that comes out to be a lot".

Title: Parent’s Shoes
Medium:  Paper Micro-Mosaic
Size:  27.5” H X 10.5” W
Original Eco-Friendly Fine Art [sold]
Nana-Dictta Graves, Prof Fine Artist
 © Copyright 2010

We have to believe, that series of small steps really can add up to a big
global change, which is why Nana-Dictta makes it easy to believe in the
magic of nature and realism.

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